All Time Global Leaderboard (Legacy)

Total all-time accumulated League 6 Global Points Leaderboard

(Legacy 2.0 Rankings)


Total GP: 32,853


Total GP: 32,073

MAH: MAH Gaming

Total GP: 30,454

YnD: Yeet 'n Delete

Total GP: 28,890

RD: Cursed Unicorn Squad

Total GP: 27,648

SSJ: Got Aggression?

Total GP: 27,621

RYC: Ratchet Yacht Club

Total GP: 27,235

TM: Thy Marcsmen

Total GP: 26,825

GG: Git Gud

Total GP: 16,613

REN: Renegades

Total GP: 16,383

A&O: Alpha & Omega

Total GP: 11,990


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