Hints and Tips

General useful information to aid your progress.

Purchase Starter Pack

The below starter pack is great value for what you get. 250 Rival Tokens, 250k cash, and 10 Boosters. This will definately help any new player start their journey and setup their first few gaming house upgrades, and team upgrades to enable them the best possible start. The boosters are also great to ensure you can run as many scrims early on to maximise your progress. Best of all, it’s cheap. 

Review the Guides

There are many guides available on this site to help with anything from efficient levelling strategies and when to buy new players. How to build you team, what gaming house upgrades are the best, what you should focus on, which plays are the best, everything you need for your Rivals development to League 6.

Here are some quick links to the most important guides on this site:


Hints and Tips


Recruiting Players Guide


Levelling Guide (Overpower your opponents)


Play Tier List (helps you know which plays are good/bad)


Team Builder Spreadsheet (Helps construct a cohesive synergised team)


Video Guides on Team Building

Grey vs Blue vs Purple vs Gold

What rarity player are best to purchase? Statistically Gold will always be the best as they have better proficiencies and higher potentials. So if you can afford it, purchase Gold. 

However, you do not always need Gold, or even purple rarity players. The game is very Free to Play friendly and it has been proven with the right strategies, even Grey players can compete at Rank 1 all the way up to League 5. This enables you to save more Cash and Rival tokens which are hard to come by in the early game. 

Staff Choices

In my opinion the only staff worthwhile are Business Developers. These staff give you Rival Tokens, which are very important. With these rival tokens, the best method of using them is to refresh your team to then run more Scrim Matches. The more scrim matches you run the more Cash, Fame, boosters (to continue running more scrims) and training plans you aquire. 

I find that the rewards you get from the scrims doing this can double or even triple the rewards from any of the other staff choices.


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