Quick Start Guide

  • Step 1:

    • Do EASY scrims to get Team Condition  and Teamplay Bonus to 100% before anything else.


While studying the tooltips you might stumble upon another set of changes we made:

  • Teamplay Bonus and Condition don’t modify your team power anymore.
  • Missing condition will now give a chance to your players to FUMBLE in a Play. In this case their attribute values become irrelevant: They just fail. Condition is checked for each player individually and the more condition a player is missing, the higher the chance for this player to fumble.
  • If you have a higher Team Play Bonus than your opponent, you have a chance to OUTPLAY your opponent, which gives your opponent players a chance to fail in the play regardless of their skill value. This is also checked for each player individually. The higher the Team Play Bonus difference between both teams, the higher the chance for an Outplay.
  • If you want to see how these systems work in detail, you can check the Match Result Screen (see above).
  • You now can increase your teamplay bonus to up to 100 % and you will lose 20 % per day. In addition Scrim matches will give your more Team Play Bonus as reward.

We made these changes to make the computation of the teampower less complicated and to show you exactly when Condition or Teamplay Bonus matter during a match. It is also an additional reward for active players, which can now even defeat much stronger teams if that stronger team doesn’t care for their team anymore.

  • Step 2:

    • Once 100% Teamplay, do Normal/Hard scrims to and learn the flow of the game.

PHASES and PLAYS - Click me

As before, each match is divided into PHASES. There are now up to 6 PHASES (one down from the old match view):

  • 2 Early Game Phases
  • 2 Mid Game Phases
  • 2 Late Game Phases

A match victory can already happen at the end of the Mid Game now.

Each phase itself consists of a series of up to 8 PLAYS. Each PLAY is showing you one set of movement and combat actions of the participating players which have an important influence on the outcome of the match. E.g. GANK is now an Early Game play, which orders your jungler to go and try getting a kill on a lane together with your laner and whether they succeed or not, will have an impact on everything else that happens afterwards.

Each Play will also ask for different Player Attributes (like POS and KNW) to check if it succeeds or not.

In other words: A good selection and sequence of PLAYS that fit to your team’s strengths, is your route to victory now!

Therefore we of course also gave you some agency over what PLAYS your team will try to execute.

  • Step 3:

    • Experiment with Shotcalling (selecting plays during a match). Tactics have drastically changed, and proper shotcalling is now your key to victory.


The old match system was all about selecting tactics. Now, instead of tactics, you select one (1) PLAY at the beginning of each phase. This we call Shotcalling.

The plays available to you depend on the champions your team picked, and if these are comfort or class picks. Comfort (Champion Proficiency) picks allow for POWER PLAYS otherwise class plays are available.

Preselected” Plays will be chosen if AFK. This will be the Play that is most compatible with your chosen TACTIC (more on Tactics later).

  • Step 4:

    • Review the guides. There are numerous guides and Videos on this site that talk about best Leveling practices, Recruiting Players, Team Building, Play Tier Lists, Team Builder Spreadsheets. There are so many resources, and the more you familiarize yourself with them the greater your chances at victory. 
  • Step 5:

    • Join the Official RIVALS DISCORD. The community is great and will answer any questions you have that may not have been covered here. 
  • Step 5:

    • Join an RCA ( RIvals Coach Association) which is a clan of other Rivals coaches. These are generally lead by very experienced Coaches that will aid in your Rivals journey by teaching the tricks of the trade first hand and give specific advice to your teams. That plus the very nice ingame rewards such as Tokens, Tickets, and Unique cosmetic items.
    • Official Rivals Coach Association information


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