An Elite Rivals Coach Association


VETERAN RCA is currently closed for recruitment.


VETERAN is a RCA created by RIVALSGUIDE author 404: Broadside for those who wish to compete in their respective global leagues and strive for a top 3 global position in leagues 2 – 6.

We teach high level tactics and strategies to ensure our members are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and support for their attempts.


What we are looking for in members:

  • Ambition to acheive
  • Daily tournament activity
  • Basic knowledge in Rivals gameplay


What we can provide:

  • Private Discord server for discussion and planning.
  • 1 on 1 training and guidance to help you and your teams acheive.
  • Members only access to ‘Veteran Only’ members section of website.
  • Over a years worth of knowledge in High end Rivals Competition to pass on.
  • Addition to the VETERAN members wall of fame.


Current Vacancies:

  • Full Capacity – not recruiting


How to Apply:

  • Contact @Broadside on Rivals Public Discord
  • Reply in the RCA channel in Rivals Public Discord
404: Broadside

Rivals Witcher


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